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Welcome to International          

Business club

IBC's mission is to help students at Carolina become global business leaders who are able to tackle the most challenging problems now and in the future.



Global Business Trends

  • Seminars about business news/ cases in China, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc...

  • Workshops about cultural differences


professional development

  • Weekly postings of positions available for intl. students

  • Networking workshop

  • Help on business school application


Networking & Social Events

  • Networking events with alumni who have international work experience

  • Peer social events


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Career Development


  • We provide our members with many different career development workshops such as the business school application workshop and the "Coffee Chat series." 

  • These workshops are designed to help members with business school and internship applications. Our mentors will provide suggestions on how to revise your application materials, including resume, essays for business school application, and cover letter.


Social Events

  • Social events allow our members to learn more about international business trends and make friends from diverse backgrounds.

  • Events such as the Global Peer Program help our members navigate more effectively through business interactions and allows members to enhance their global business & knowledge with the IBC community.


International Business Club welcomes all students at UNC, and anyone who is interest in International business.

  • IBC aims to be a community where students can share information, improve hard and soft skills. All of our members will gain knowledge about international business and have diverse and inclusive business trends that they are interested in.

  • Our international student members will also gain advice and information tailored to them that can help them succeed in their professional development in this globalized world.

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